187 No. 57-45 Apto. 402 Int. 17
57 +1 6941496
16 Street 1-01 zona 10 plaza obelisco local 18
+502 – 30379137
Costa Rica:
Curridabat, JG Building, Costa Rica
(506) 2273-0289
187 No. 57-45 Apto. 402 Int. 17, Colombia
57 +1 6941496; contacto@ipalmera.com

16 Street 1-01 zona 10 plaza obelisco local 18, Guatemala
+502 – 30379137; contacto@ipalmera.com

Curridabat, JG Building, Costa Rica
(506) 2273-0289; marjorie.gonzalez@ipalmera.com

We live in the web world

For that reason
our office is the world

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We make ideas

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We think about you

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iPalmera Model

We left behind the heavy model of office work

Since 2009 the world is our office. We implemented the cloud as a strategy to be anywhere at anytime. Just as we got rid of the physical borders, we have also forgotten the mental barriers so we can be one step beyond traditional agencies.

We are a team of professionals

With more than 10 years of experience, in iPalmera we don’t just work: we live Digital Marketing, think about apps, web programming solutions, and create digital graphics for our clients/allies.

iPalmera is one of the pioneers in teleworking. We bring together Latin talent with great expertise in digital platforms and marketing. We have a team dedicated to the projects of our clients so your brand has a group of specialized professionals outside your premises and merely dedicated to your needs.