We implemented the methodology of remote work (telecommute or telecommuting)

Connecting through the network a team highly qualified to work for brands that need to improve or implement digital strategies and optimize their processes with new developments.

We have a lot of energy and all the desire to do things, because we enjoy the benefits of telecommuting by making virtual tools give us outstanding advantages over traditional agencies, we forgot about stress and we live our functions with great readiness for creativity.

Our roots are strong, we grow solidly, we expand around the world and finally we offer you the sweetest fruits: those of remembrance and loyalty.

Our work methodology is based on your goals, which is why we believe that good planning and a clearly structured process are fundamental bases for the successful development of each project.

We are clear that most companies invest their effort on setting the direction of their projects and it can be overwhelming to think about the diversity and complexity of existing technological means to make them reality, the constant changes in new technologies added to the variety of programming languages ​​and Development platforms make greater uncertainty. Much more than a supplier, what is needed is a team that advise, accompany and support the choice of the right tools and with accurate processes can carry out these tasks.

IPalmera is your team and we work like this:

Project Flow Diagram


Exploratory meeting to perform the presentation of both parties and know the requirements of the project, definition of objectives, scope, contacts, etc. (IPalmera and Client).
Flow design with development proposals and corresponding costs (iPalmera).
Quotation approval and administrative process to start the project development (Client).


Definition of development schedule and deliveries, gathering of functional documents and other support data (iPalmera and Client).
Graphic development (wireframes) (iPalmera).
Review and graphic adjustments (Client - iPalmera).


Web layout - depends on the type of project (iPalmera).
Review and layout adjustments (Client - iPalmera).
Programming - depending on the type of project is develop in a test server (iPalmera).
Migration,and depending on the scope of the project: SEO integration, Google Analytics, Customer training for managing the content manager. emails account creation, support and administration by iPalmera etc.